i'm exhausted

10:46 PM

I started reading this book a few nights ago and realized that we have totally messed up with Luke. The kid just hates to sleep. I am finding myself getting up several times a night to deal with Luke not Olivia. Something is wrong with that.

So, two nights ago we implemented the "silent return to bed" technique. The first night was a fluke since he actually stayed in his bed all night. So last night was the first real night of the new rules. And also by some fluke Olivia decided she wanted to eat 4 times last night instead of the usual one. So starting at about 3am Luke began the nightly ritual of trying/bargaining/sneaking/scheming his way into our bed. After about 25 "silent returns to bed" he finally just got back in himself and went to sleep without a peep. I was up several more times with Olivia, which is why I am exhausted, but I am so pleased with how well this method worked with Luke. They say night two is the worst, so I am dreading that, but by night three it's supposed to be significantly better.

It was pretty difficult trying to stay "mechanical" and not smile or make eye contact. Especially when he was grabbing both of my cheeks in his hands and trying to turn my face to look at him. He would say "big smiles, mama" and "please talk to me, mama". I realized that all of this getting out of bed business is his way of getting more attention from us. I am going to try to devote more time to just do some Lukey and Mommy things during the day when sister is napping and also spend more one on one time after dinner.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that we have been "sleep training" sister for the last week or so and she is doing awesome, well except for last night. She is getting pretty good at self-soothing when we first put her in her bed for the night and is "protest crying" less and less. I have no idea what happened last night. :)

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  1. Interesting. Maybe I'll read it, right now we're loosely trying that Dr. Karp, Happiest Baby on the Block/5 S's thing...I can't tell if it's working or if we're just getting incredibly lucky that Julia cluster feeds from 3 - 8PM and then sleeps till 2 - 4 AM straight through!

  2. I hope everything is going better for you guys..Carson just started to sleep through the night about 1 week ago! I am just waiting for him to start waking up agin next week....It usually happens where he sleeps through the night for one week and then we are back to the same ways....all night in our house is musical beds....some nights I will move beds every hour! So hope things are better for you! If you need someone to talk to just call as I can def. relate!



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