take two

1:06 PM

i attempted for a second time to get a good photo of the kids for our christmas card. i don't know if i am just feeling the pressure because it is already a week into dec and i usually have my cards done by nov, or if i'm just having a hard time making decisions or maybe i am just being too picky. getting a good shot of one of your kids is one thing. getting a good shot of two of your kids, together, is a whole other story. i am exhausted. so since we will not be using any of these on the card, i thought i would share some of my favs. i have decided now that we will make attempt #3 tomorrow morning as a family. it should be a real good time.

our pudgy little princess.
DSC_0658 copy

and look who's almost sitting up!

this one is cute, but you can't see luke's face very well, so it's a no-go for the card.

buzz lightyear all cleaned up.

and this is the smile i get now every time i pull out the camera.

cute, but i can't be sending out a christmas card with my two year old's snake tattoo peaking out of his shirt sleeve. and the bag of candy just screams 'i'm a little stinker and my mom had to bribe me for this cheesy smile'. nice.

so stay tuned for 'take three'.

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  1. Oh man at first I ready that as you were attempting a #3 tomorrow. I was like has she lost her mind?!?!

  2. Baby Sister and Lukey are such great baby models... =)

  3. Luke and Olivia are so cute! I think they are just getting cuter and cuter! Christmas picts are so fun but so stressful for us moms! :)



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