sick house

1:10 PM

so olivia has an ear infection. she is miserable, can't sleep, and has been fussing all day. the only time she is happy is if i am holding her or letting her nurse. i'm exhausted to say the least. and if that's not enough, luke starting throwing up right as we were about to start eating all the snacks and cookies i made for our early christmas party with nick's parents. i'm surprised anyone still had an appetite after seeing luke projectile vomit all the way from the living room to his bathroom. so after cloroxing just about everything in the whole house, we are finally back to square one. both kids are finally asleep. thank goodness. but, i'm not expecting that to last long. since the first puke episode, luke has been throwing up about every 30 minutes. and he is such a little trooper. he was literally opening up presents and taking breaks in between to go throw up. fun times, let me tell you.

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  1. I feel your pain. Now that everyone is finally well I am afraid to let the kids go anywhere until after Christmas. I hope Olivia is over it soon.



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