scratch the "healthy sleep habits", replace with spanking

11:19 PM

as it turns out the "healthy sleep habits" was a bust. at least as it pertained to luke. olivia seems to be doing great on it and, in fact, she slept from 8:30p to 5:10am this morning. but with luke, not so much. it was more of a game for him and with his endless supply of energy and persistence, we were just not going to win. so, we went back to our original plan. get out of bed and you get a spanking. the only difference is that we no longer threaten it, we just do it. the first night it took three spankings in a row for him to know we meant business and things were a changin'. the second night was about the same and then the third night on he has been sleeping all night long! he wakes up about 7:30a and just calls for me from his bed. and when i go in to get him he is in a great, happy mood and is usually singing or playing or has something silly to tell me. this morning he told me to "not go to work with daddy. stay home with lukey forever and ever and ever." we are also putting him to bed earlier (7:00p) and that seems to be helping too.

getting a little sleep at night really changes your entire outlook on the world. i am still waiting on olivia to wake up (it's 8:24a!) but when she does i think i will take the kids to see santa.

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  1. Healthy Sleep Habits is the best book! I used it with Luke and he is the best sleeper 6:45-7 and a 2 hour nap. Gotta love Dr. W! Keep at works!
    BTW, hope you are well. Haven't been on in a while...

  2. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.



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