luke's first trip to the dentist

2:09 AM

{sorry for the blog post overload, but i just feel like there is so much to catch up on. i promise this is the last one, for today at least.}

in the waiting room, still a little nervous.

he gets to pick out a new tooth brush before the cleaning. still a little nervous. he attempted to run back out the door right after this. you can see from his face that he didn't want a new dinosaur tooth brush, heck these don't hold a candle to the singing spider man one at home, he was looking for the nearest exit.

finally up on the exam table. still nervous and now really not sure about this whole business. the hygenist makes friends by giving him is own pair of lighting mcqueen sunglasses to protect his eyes from the big light.

me and sister head back out to the waiting room (i tell luke i need to go potty and will be right back) after we realize he is just not going to do well with me there.

the hygenist comes back to get me a short while later and all is good. luke actually had fun and was talking about incredible hulk with the dentist. he had a huge grin on his face, apparently because the dentist had just put some "super-duper, incredible hulk protector on his teeth".

now he's ready to show off his big boy skills by opening wide and letting the dr take one last look.

and where does luke say he wants to go when i offer to take him to the place of his choice for a celebratory lunch?? taco bell, duh. :)

no more pictures, mom. this is starting to get embarrassing.

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  1. I loved reading all of this, Juli! You are a talented blogger :-)

  2. Aww...he looked so nervous at first but then seem to have a good time. =)



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