my best friend's wedding

6:47 AM

my best friend, stacey, got married last weekend. we met in the 3rd grade when stacey had a "mushroom haircut" and was constantly doing gymnastic twirls on an imaginary beam and i had bangs and hadn't grown into my teeth yet. i love her like a sister. here is a recap in pictures.

all the girls and stacey at the rehearsal dinner.

me and my handsome little man

a look of pure joy as he realizes there is a candy bar!

daddy and sister dancing a jig

luke showing off for his friend, reese, with a move we termed "the snake". as you can see from her expression, she was diggin' it.

more of "the snake" but now reese joins in

me and stacey. check out her gorgeous dress! she was seriously the most beautiful bride i have ever seen, and i'm not just sayin' that.

me and my friend, heather. i'm a bridesmaid in her wedding coming up. she is also one of my bestest friends from childhood. and yes, i was rockin' my uggs under my dress. disclaimer: i know it looks like i am holding a beer in this picture, but apparently the lighting was pretty poor and it is actually a bottled water. :) i promise.

and mommy and lukey dancing. i was letting him lead, i'm sure it was a sight.

and thanks to my wonderful mama, who took the kids home early, nick and i enjoyed a nice calm crazy night out by ourselves. we were tearing up the dance floor and i was pulling out some moves i didn't even know i had. needless to say, i was quite sore the next morning. there may have been a little lawn mower, dental flossin', grocery shoppin' action going on, but that's all i'm gonna say. nick would try to tell me when the video guys was close so that i would stop, but i must have been feelin' it that night cause i kept giving him this look like "what?" hopefully, we didn't embarrass ourselves too much. i think we have officially turned into one of those "old" married couples with no coordination but who just don't care and don't know when to stop. oh, well, it was one of the most fun evenings we've had in a long time. :)

congrats again, stacey and kelly! we love you guys!

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  1. You looked so pretty! :)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! Especially the one where Luke and Reese are excited about the candy bar! Thank you for your wonderful words! You were just as beautiful! I'm so glad that you guys had so much fun and yes, you guys were tearing up the dancefloor, but WITH rhythm.

  3. you look great! love the new do.



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