luke funny

11:50 PM

i was sitting on the couch this morning drinking my coffee, watching sesame street with luke. it was the episode about how Telly (sp?) and another monster trap a firefly in a jar. luke said "he so sad. he want to be free to see his fam-a-wee". I said "yes, he's so sad. it's not very nice to trap him in the jar, huh?"

the next thing i know luke hops up and walk over to the tv and smashes the top of his head into the tv screen. i was thinking "what on earth?" then he walked back over to me with this awful, sad face and said "they not let me in the screen. they not want me to let the firefly free. ahhhhhh. now i so sad."


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  1. HAHAHA...we really should get him check out. ;)

  2. I love him SO much!
    I want to come see you guys again soon. He is too stinking funny!
    "I want Stacey." HAHA!



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