olivia's six month stats

4:22 AM

olivia went for her six month check up last week on january 7th. everything went well. she got two shots in each leg and the oral flu vaccine. luke was such a good big brother and gave her huggies afterward and told her "it be okay sister, not worry, lukey here".

her growth has slowed down a bit, which i'm not too terribly surprised about considering her back cellulite has disappeared. but, don't get me wrong, she's no skinny minny. thunder thighs, double chin, non-existent wrists, and her big ole squishy belly are still in full force. we couldn't love her more, she's such a sweetie.

okay, so on to the stats. this is more for me, really.

weight: 16 lbs 15 oz (60%)
height: 27.5 inches (92%)
head circumference: 17 inches (64%)
bmi: 15.74

we did not see our usual ped, dr. lestz, since she is out on bed rest, preggo with her FOURTH kid. we did see dr. kaplan, though, and he's really good as well. he noticed when shining a light in olivia's eyes that her right eye seems to be weaker. he said that the light is supposed to reflect back in the center of her eye and for some reason is was off-center. he wrote on her referral to the pediatric ophthamologist "for evaluation and treatment of asymmetric light reflex; strabismus nos (right)".

we have an appointment set up for feb 3rd. dr kaplan acted like it was no big deal and at worst she could end up wearing an eye patch to strengthen the right eye. luke would love having a pirate sister, i'm sure.

i have been working on this post for weeks it seems. it's been saved in my drafts box. but it's done now. moving on.

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