sick, sick sis

6:20 AM

sister is sick. she had been running a low grade fever (99-ish) for the past two days and had been a little fussy, both of which i attributed to teething. well, last night she woke up SCREAMING and was burning up. when i checked her temp it was 103.2!!! i gave her some tylenol and was up rocking, bouncing, nursing, cuddling her all night long it seemed like. she was just so miserable and you could tell.

this morning i took her in to see the ped. she still had a fever of 102.8 when we got there and the dr heard lots of wheezing and congestion in her chest. they checked her for flu with some kind of nasal swab test and that, thankfully, came back negative. another explanation, they said, could be RSV. they would have to send her to children's to get tested for that so we decided to treat it like RSV over the weekend and recheck her on monday to see if she has improved.

since RSV is a virus, it basically just has to run it's course and they just prescribed breathing treatments every six hours to help clear out her chest. she responded well to the first treatment at the dr's office so we are hopeful that it's just some other random virus she will knock out pretty soon.

so, we are the proud new owners of a nebulizer machine. i guess every family needs one on hand anyway. and sister, surprisingly, doesn't mind it. the nurse prepared me by saying that "most kids scream the entire 3-5 minutes of the treatment but just keep moving the mask in front of her face". we put it on sis and she starts laughing and making singing noises. the happiest she had been all day. and she sat super still the entire time, like she was trying to cooperate. i wuv her.

so we will be home all weekend and probably for the next week, two weeks, who knows. at least it's too cold to want to leave anyway. i can't wait for nick to get home so he can build a fire. such a great night for it.

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  1. I hope Olivia gets better! We had to do breathing treatments with Sam for I swear like 10 years. They look so cute with that mask on when they are little chubby babies!



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