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I am by no means an expert at potty training, nor have I read ANY books on the subject. I am just following my motherly instincts and a compilation of tips from mommy friends on what to do and it seems to be working...for now, at least.

So, for those wondering, this is what we have been doing.

Went cold turkey yesterday straight into undies. Luke was less than thrilled and I actually had to chase him around the living room to get them on him. The day began with me asking if he needed to go potty and him saying "no, potty" and running away laughing.

He had two big accidents, meaning full pee-pee on the floor. He stood there shocked and said "what happened?". I told him he went pee-pee on the floor and that was yucky. We would rush to the potty and let him try to finish. The first three times he was unsuccessful. Each time he had an accident, I would just say "Uh-oh" and run him to the potty. I would say "almost, let's try again in a little while" and then he would say "otay, mommy".

The fourth time he started to pee-pee, he stopped himself and told me he had to go potty. We rush him to the little potty, which was set up in the living room, and he finally went pee-pee after about a minute of sitting there. This was a HUGE break through. We made a big ordeal out of it, clapping, singing "Lukey went pee-pee in the potty", high fiving, etc. He got really excited and slammed down the lid to the potty and said "Ta-da!"

After he goes pee-pee sucessfully, we repeat this bought of crazy screaming, dancing, and applauding. Then we walk the pee-pee bucket into the bathroom and he gets to pour it into the big potty. Then he gets to flush it and watch it go down "the tunnel". Then we wash our hands, dry them off, and then parade into the kitchen when he gets to pick out a "special treat" (aka jelly bean) from the "special treat jar". This is when I tell him how happy I am and he tells me how happy he is.

The biggest things that have seemed to help are:

1. Moving the little potty around the house with us where ever we go. That way it is in sight all the time and keeps him thinking about it.

2. Rewarding him with a jelly bean each time he is successful. This is probably a big no-no, but it seems to be working for us and even though I may have to carry around jelly beans in my purse until he starts kindergarten, my kid is peeing in the potty!

3. Not over-reacting when he has an accident by just saying "Uh-oh" and taking him immediately to the potty. Then pumping him up about trying again in a little while.

4. Setting him up for success, by keeping a close eye on him and watching him for signs that he needs to go potty and reminding him often.

5. Allowing him to have some accidents in undies to feel the discomfort of that and make him aware of when he is going pee-pee.

6. Oh, and keep your steam cleaner close by and ready. :)

So, again, I am no expert, but this is seriously working for us so I thought I would share. Good Luck!

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  1. YEA LUKEY!!! Keep up the good work. Sounds like you'll have him potty trained in a short time!



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