potty training set back

6:31 AM

No accidents yet, but the newness and excitement has definitely worn off the whole "going pee-pee in the potty" thing. Now it is more of an annoyance to have to stop playing to rush to the potty.

We went to the mall today to play inside since it was raining and I would catch him doing the "potty dance" as we call it, crossing his legs and holding himself. This means "I have to go". I would ask him if he wanted to go to the potty and he would say no every time. I had to practically drag him into the bathroom (thank goodness the mall is mommy friendly and has little toddler sized potties) as he protested and tried to negotiate a deal to go back to the play area. He would just stand there and try for a couple of seconds and then say "no pee-pee...maybe in a little while", which is what I would say to him in the beginning. Then when we would finally go back to the play area, he would start the potty dance again.

So, this potty training bit is a little more complicated than I first thought. At least he is holding it while we are out and, quite honestly, I have been impressed at how long he can hold it for such a little guy. Maybe it's like running, the first week is okay since it's new and fun, but the second week is brutal, the third is better and it just keeps getting easier from that point on. I sure hope so. :)

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  1. There is a huge set-back when Lukey's turk ends up on Laurin's foot! HAHA! I read her blog. That is hilarious. I can picture you laughing hysterically when this happened!!!

  2. just discovered your blog while reading erin's blog. i'm a new mom in your meetup group. i have a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 month old. how old was luke when you decided to go cold turkey and put him in underwear? i'm trying to decide when to do that with my oldest. we've been on a potty training roller coaster for the last 6 months.



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