potty training {day 6}

6:13 AM

Luke is doing great with the potty training. He started standing up to go pee-pee on Wednesday and now will not sit down, except to make turks, of course. :)

I saw him standing on the little stool going pee-pee last night and he looked so grown up. I thought I was going to cry. When we started potty training boot camp last Monday part of me really didn't think it was going to work and that he may not be ready. This is all happening so fast and now I feel like my little baby is all grown up into this big boy. I love the no diapers aspect, but it is a little sad to see him growing up, I must admit.

Where has the time gone? It was just yesterday he was a fat little chunk that could barely sit up and said "ducka-ducka" all the time.

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