in need of some shopping therapy

2:52 AM

The kids have been tag teaming me all morning. The second one calms down the other starts to stir. I feel like I have been running a relay race since 6am when I awoke to the sound of little feet shuffling toward my bed and then the words "I wanna lay in mommy's bed" over and over until I finally caved.

Both kids are asleep (shhh, I don't want to jinx it) and I'm finally catching my breath.

A little online shopping (well browsing) should do the trick to help recharge my batteries before Lukey hits the ground running again.

First off...let's work on Lukey's big boy room.

This headboard for a full size bed...

Sheets I like, but I can't find a duvet to match...

Growth chart...

More brainstorming...

And if Luke had it his way (and I felt this was worth $600) we would get this...

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  1. Okay so if you move Lukey to a big boy bed can I borrow his CRIB??

  2. If you were a cool Mommy then you would get Lukey that last bed. He would be so excited!



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