just call me 'super nanny'

4:34 AM

I alluded to the fact that 'operation lock the door' was not going so swell. Basically, Luke would turn into a wild banshee as soon as we would shut and lock the door. He would throw things at the door, hang on the door handle and kick the door, and run around the room building up more steam. It would sometimes take hours for him to finally wear down and pass out. Not fun for any of us. We thought eventually he would calm down and get used to it. Well...fast forward 5 weeks and this is still going on.

So, after some advice from a friend, I tried a new method. I told Luke that I would leave the door open if he stayed in his bed, but if he gets out I will shut the door. He liked this idea and was excited to get in bed. The first attempt at this took a little over 3 hours for him to finally stay in bed. I just kept Super Nanny-ing it and put him back in bed over and over and over and....over. He was not crying, just trying to stall by asking for water, kisses, more water, etc. He would also sneak out of his room and into the playroom and start playing with toys. In true Super Nanny fashion, I would not say anything to him, I would just point to his bed and he would slowly get back in. After a couple hours of this, when I pointed at his bed, he just stood there and pointed back at me. I had to turn my head to keep from laughing. I couple of times I did have to shut the door back and lock it, to let him know I mean business, of course. Each time, he would cry but would immediately jump back into bed and say "Mommy, I in bed...open the door, peeze!"

So, after three LONG hours, Mama won and the little boy passed out...in his bed! That night, I only had to put him back in bed about 3 times before he went to sleep. I was shocked!! I had already geared up for another long night and had a cold gatorade ready to see me through it. At about 4:45am he tried coming into our room, we stuck to our guns and made him go back to bed. We all slept until 8am!! When we finally got up and walked into the living room we saw Luke curled up on the couch with his "baby" (blankie).

Halleluiah!!! Our child is sleeping again! Even if he is sneaking out to sleep on the couch every night...the kid is SLEEPING!!!

This post brought to you by Super Nanny. Without whom I would not have two sleeping children right now and a few spare minutes to update my blog. I love you, Super Nanny!

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