we made a "turk" {day two}

2:23 AM

Don't ask why, but Luke calls his pee-pee, poop, and his poop, a "turk". Today we made a "turk" in the big potty and watched it go down the tunnel when we flushed. Haha!

He is on a roll. We had another big pee-pee in the big potty this morning and now he is down for his nap. He refused to put on a pull-up and wanted big boy undies at naptime so we'll see how he does. I am expecting an accident.

Wish us luck!

Disclaimer: Expect lots of potty talk this week as this is all we think about/talk about/get excited these days. We will be enduring 'potty boot camp lock down' at the house until further notice.

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  1. You're so lucky. Cameron has peed on the floor twice, the couch once and poo-ed and his under pants.

    That boy just fails to give a care. Ugh!



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