a couple of luke funnies

6:16 AM

{yesterday} I am at my wits end with him. It's 6pm and I am counting down the minutes until Nick makes it home. Luke insists on picking out his own sippy cup. He is standing on the kitchen counter, with me behind him, with his finger on his chin, going "hmmmm...hmmmm". This goes on for at least two minutes. I finally say "okay, Luke, pick one out or mommy is going to pick it out for you."

He responds by saying "Please not make me upset, mommy".

{today} I am attempting to fold laundry and Luke walks up to me and says "you wanna play with me?" "Please not be afraid of me, mommy". Haha. He kind of startled me when he came up and I guess I must have looked scared.

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  1. Lukey is soo funny!!

  2. All of the stories you post about him make me laugh out loud. He is one little funny character!

  3. Ha ha, he is hilarious. I can't wait to hear what Jett has to say at that age.



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