four month visit and no more boobie buffet

12:33 PM

Olivia is growing "beautifully" as Dr. Lestz said. She said she couldn't ask for a more beautiful growth curve. Haha. I'm so proud. :)

weight: 15 lbs 7 oz (81%)
height: 26 in (93%)
head: 16.5 in (71%)
BMI: 16.05

She got four vaccines today. No fun. She cried and Luke watched. He was out the door in a flash after he watched sister get her shots. Little did he know he was getting a "surprise" flu shot today. Lucky for him, they were out of the regular vaccine and he qualified for the nasal spray. At first he reasoned with the nurse by telling her he didn't have a nose, therefore she could not give him the spray. Once a lolly pop was brought to the negotiation table he was game and flared his little nostrils for her. He laughed and said it tickled.

The doc said we are free to start rice cereal (started this last week) and can introduce barley or oat cereal next week. There really is no benefit to starting veggies and fruits until 6 months so I will try to hold her off until then with the rice cereal. She loves her cereal though and gets hysterical each time I have to take the spoon from her mouth to get more. I have pictures from her first cereal I will post soon.

She doesn't really roll over yet, still just doesn't care to, but she does do what we have termed "baby crunches". She lifts her head and shoulders off the ground like she is doing a sit up and holds it for several seconds. I was counting today and she did it at least ten times in a row. The girl has mad abs!

Oh, and our doc also advised me to stop allowing Olivia to sleep in bed with us and enjoy the boobie buffet all night long. She said feed her and put her back in bed immediately. Poor sister.

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  1. You should be proud of that growth! Isn't it great to see them thriving on your breastmilk alone. It made me so proud too. The boobie buffet probably helped! Isn't it so easy to just pull her into bed. I loved that. I think you should do whatever feels right to you and what works. Congrats on the great stats!



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