buzz and sister

3:23 PM


Luke's new obsession...a buzz lightyear costume I found at a kid's consignment sale last week. He wears is ALL DAY LONG. It's the first thing he asks about in the morning and wants to know where it is at all times. He even wore it out to eat last night. Everyone was coming up to him saying "LOOK! It's Buzz Lightyear!" He would get the cutest grin on his face, almost like he was trying to be cool and didn't want to smile too big, but I could tell he was LOVING all the attention. Well at least until I took him to go potty and then he told me that he's not buzz lightyear anymore, in a very matter of fact way. He insisted on taking it off and all he had under it was his little spidey undies. I had to carry him through the restaurant half-dressed back to the table and change his clothes.

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