i'm happy at you

6:16 AM

{all the things i love about today}

synchronized napping

a clean house

mostly done laundry

all the fixin's for some yummy, gooey ice cream sundaes

seeing my son apologize for pushing his cousin and then smiling and telling him he is still his best friend, completely on his own.

new APPLE GREEN curtains in the kitchen

overhearing Luke and Kailey's conversation wherein Luke said "i'm mad at you" and Kailey responded by saying "i'm happy at you".


oh, and that shamefully greasy burger and fries i had for lunch (now i can't eat until tomorrow according to my weight watchers plan)

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  1. ok you officially suck... my house is a dump with the laundry everywhere and my kids are both insisting they aren't tired!!! AHHHHHHHHH!



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