boob girl

3:25 AM

Olivia is wanting to nurse ALL the time...literally. She will sometimes nurse for 45 minutes or more and she is wanting to nurse every hour today. I am hoping we are just going through a 2 week growth spurt, because I'm not sure I can keep this up with Luke running wild around the house.

Today while I was nursing, Luke managed to climb up on the back of the sofa and onto my shoulders. He was grabbing my head from behind, giving me big hugs (the kind where he grits his teeth) and kissing my hair. I, of course, could not move and my hands were busy holding Olivia in just the right position since we are working on her latch, and so that is how we nursed today. He also enjoys rocking us really fast and spinning us around in circles if we are nursing in the recliner.

Life is chaotic right now.

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