mommy's milk

6:51 AM

Luke has been very interested in me nursing Olivia. The first time, he came over and watched intently and asked a thousand questions about "mommy's milk". He thought it was pretty funny and kept laughing about it. Then, yesterday while I nursing, he came over and put his mouth on my elbow and started sucking and saying he wanted to drink "mommy's milk". I just let him do it and, really, it just about made me cry because I felt so bad for him. He is still such a baby himself and it's hard to watch him have to be the "big boy" sometimes.

So then today, on the way home from the pediatrician's office, I hear Luke talking to Olivia in the back seat. Olivia was getting a little squirmy in her seat and Luke was lifting up his shirt, pointing to his boobie, saying "you want 'mommy's milk' baby sister?"

It was too cute!

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  1. Ok that is about the cutest story ever. So sad but very sweet.

  2. That is adorable. I have always wondered how the older but still young sibling does with a baby nursing.



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