first pediatrician appt

6:43 AM

Today was Olivia's first trip to see Dr. Lestz, our beloved pediatrician. This was just a 48 hour follow up since Dr. Lestz was not able to see Olivia in the hospital. She checked her weight and she was 7 pounds 11 ounces!!! She was 7 pounds 5 ounces on Sunday when we left the hospital. I am so proud of my "mommy's milk", as Luke calls it. That means that she has gained 6 ounces in less than two days! I thought the carseat straps were a little tight today. :)

We also had another jaundice check, just to be on the safe side. The doctor said it still looks like a very mild case that we don't need to worry about, but she ordered a blood check to get exact levels anyway. I was expecting Olivia to cry her little heart out when they pricked her foot and began squeezing the blood into a little vial, but suprisingly, she stayed sound asleep the whole time. I asked if that was normal and the nurse said that they gave her a little bit of sugar water just before they started to help with the pain. She said that most babies don't cry when they use it. I thought that was pretty interesting.

Olivia also received her Hep B vaccine, but she did let out a little shreek for that one.

We have to come back in one week for her two week visit, but no weight checks before then since she is already turning into quite the little piggy.

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