i'm never leaving the house again

7:13 AM

Taking both kids to the mall today proved to be only a slight disaster. I thought it would be nice to get out of the house and let Luke play at the mall play area and then at the train table at Barnes and Noble. I was feeling a bit ambitious after my first real cup of coffee this morning since who knows how long.

Olivia slept the entire time and Luke had fun..for a little while. Then he started getting physical on the playground. First I saw him poke another kid in the eyeball, then he tried pushing Kailey off one of the climby things, then he was punching at another kid hulk style. He was laughing and having fun during all of this which I'm not sure if that means I should worry more or not. He had this little psycho laugh going on, too. I guess he has been couped up in the house a little too long and needs to be socialized...haha. He is usually such a sweet boy and today he was all crazy and wild and out of control.

By the time we got to the train table to play, nap time was nearing and what little patience he had was disappearing fast. He became enraged when Cameron would not give him the red choo-choo train and that was my cue to load up the kids and make tracks to the car, quick! About that time, Olivia decided she wanted to eat and began screaming her raspy little scream to the point where she was completely out of breath by the time we made to the car. Luke was kicking his legs and grabbing onto everything he could reach, screaming "I wanna play choo-choo, mommy...I wanna play choo-choo right now!".

Once we made it to the car, I strapped Luke in and sat in the front seat and nursed Olivia. All the while, Luke was screaming "I don't wanna go to sweep...I not sweepy...I don't wanna hear the beep." I didn't even tell him it was naptime...haha.

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  1. It will get easier - promise! You need to get out with the moms group, and then we can help you.

  2. BettencourtFamilyJuly 17, 2008 at 12:49 PM

    Oh sister, I feel for you! Like Rhonda said, it will get easier. Good for you for going out and about! The first adventure is the worst!

  3. It will never get easier. It only gets worse. KIDDING! Can't wait to see you guys.

  4. It will definitely get easier!!! LOL!!! I keep telling myself that! I hope it one day does! hahahahaha!!!



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