you know what they say about payback...

7:37 AM

Ever since Luke climbed out of his crib and we had to transition him into a big boy bed, he has been protesting every night. He cries and bangs on the door for us to "open the door, mama". We had to put a lock on the outside of his door to keep him in (at the recommendation of our pediatrician).

Well today, Luke only napped for about an hour. I did not think this was enough, but since he was being so sweet and smiley, I agreed to let him finish his nap on the couch. He laid down and I turned on Backyardigans for him. He was laying on the couch (awake) for about 30-45 minutes. I finished cleaning the living room, vacuuming, and then went outside to take out some trash and bring in the mail. When I tried to come back inside, the door was locked!!! I knocked and Luke knocked back and yelled "knock, knock" and then started laughing hysterically. I knew this was not going to be good.

I said "open the door, Lukey" and then he said (in a sing song kind of way), "no-oo". I told him a few more times to open the door and each time he said "NO" with a little more sass. Olivia was inside in her swing, mind you.

I went across the street to Brooke's house. She was not home. I went next door to Lucy's house. She was not home. I went several house down to Tiffany's house. She was not home either! I started to panic. I went back to the front door and demanded that Luke "open the door!" Again, he said "NO!!!"

I sat and thought for a second. It is over a hundred degrees outside and I am starting to sweat. I had an idea. I went back to the door and said "open the door, Lukey, and mommy will give you ice cream". He said "ice ceam??" and started immediately fiddling with the door lock. He was becoming frantic, saying "mommy give Lukey ice ceam?" over and over. Finally, he said "I can't reach it, Mommy". So I told him to go get a chair and he said okay. I heard him drag a chair from the kitchen over, bang it up against the front door and then a few seconds later...wa-la...the lock turned and the door came open!!!

He popped his little head around the door and smiled and said "where my ice ceam, mama??"

So, I guess one would say I got what was coming to me...

Note To Self: Don't turn back on that little turkey for one second.

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  1. Man the boys must have met up and made plans today!

  2. We have a lock on Ava's door too! I feel so much better knowing someone else does it too! :) Please don't let Luke tell Ava about his adventure...I don't need her getting any ideas.

  3. LMAO! Brooklynn did the same thing once. Only is was to her Papa (she was sleeping over there), and it was when he ran out in his boxers to get the paper. And if I remember correctly, the stage that followed that was opening the front door on their own and walking outside. Alone! Talk about scary!

  4. That was quick thinking on your part! I bet you were panicking!

  5. That's so funny. I love the "no-oo" in a sing-song voice.

  6. sounds familiar!!! :)



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