making myself crazy

10:17 PM

So, I decided a few days ago to quit breastfeeding. I went two long days without breastfeeding Olivia at all, and then I panicked and changed my mind! I started breastfeeding again two nights ago, but now my milk supply is so low, I'm not sure if she's getting anything at all. She still enjoys breastfeeding, even if she's not getting much right now, and it seems to calm her and put her to sleep at night. Yesterday I was feeding like a mad woman, every two hours, trying to stimulate my milk production. This morning she seemed to get a little bit more milk, but I am still giving her a bottle after we breastfeed.

Why am I making myself crazy like this?? Last week the problem was sore nipples and bad latch. This week, we have the latch figured out (thanks Judy!) and my nipples are better, but now I have no milk! Ugh!

I am making this SO much harder than it needs to be. I'm so indecisive (I blame it on the hormones) and wish that I wouldn't have made a rash decision to quit so early. I hope my milk comes back quickly so I can go back to exclusive breastfeeding.

Anyway, probably a lot more info on this topic than any of you care to know, but it's all I think about right now. :)

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