luke + stairs = big boom

10:41 PM

Luke fell down the stairs at a friend's house on Wednesday and hit head first. He ended up with a pretty big knot on his head and began throwing up which landed us in the nearest ER. A ct scan showed a very small subdural bleed so they decided to keep him overnight to monitor him and to repeat the ct scan the next morning. The repeat scan showed that the bleed was getting smaller and would heal on its own. We were all VERY relieved and were sent home yesterday morning. Luke enjoyed his stay at the children's hospital and actually cried and threw a temper tantrum when it was time to leave. I have a couple of pictures from the hospital that I will try to post later.

Luke has been doing great and is back to his happy self. We did have a nanny 911 incident around naptime yesterday, but that is a WHOLE different story that I will post about later.

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  1. Oh my goodness, how scary for you. I am so glad he is going to be ok.

  2. Wow, major drama at the Evans house this week! You poor thing. Did your husband stay with him at the hospital? I know CMCD is the most awesome hospital! Do they still have that huge carpeted whale with a pillow tongue?

  3. I'm glad he's okay, too - how awful!

  4. Oh my gosh! Glad to hear he is home and better. :)

  5. juli! i am so glad luke is ok...i was texting your sis like every 5 minutes for updates!

    i added your blog to my blogroll!

  6. oh no!! We miss you guys soooo much! I wish we were still there so I could see how Carson is going to be in a year or so! oh no! mayeb it is better that I don't know!! :) miss you guys! take care!!! hope all is well!



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