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10:19 PM

Olivia has been going through a growth spurt the last few days so she has been wanting to nurse every hour and a half to two hours. Sometimes she would finish a feed and want to eat 15 minutes later! It has been exhausting to say the least, but I keep reminding myself that things will get better and easier and this will not go on forever.

So, not to jinx us, but I think the growth spurt is over (shhhh...don't say that very loud). Olivia slept from 10:30pm to 3:30am, nursed for 20 minutes and was back down until about 6:45am!! Heaven, I tell ya! I could certainly be okay with this schedule if she decides to keep it up. The night before last was a beating and I felt like a zombie all day. This morning I feel refreshed and energized!

Yay Olivia!!

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  1. Isn't that funny and then to think before Olivia you thought that if you didn't get eight hours you were exhausted! Well, atleast that is how I was before the kids! It is amazing how getting up with an newborn just gives you this strength that you never knew you had!!!!

  2. Hey There Juli (used to be Dove) this is Carolina Cole. I came across your page by way of Stacey's. You've got some gorgeous kiddos. Hope all is well. :)



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