4:23 AM

That seems to be all we talk about in our house these days. Pump, nurse...nurse, pump...nurse, nurse, nurse.

"Whatcha doin' Mama? Pumpin' milk?"...."Seester cryin'! She sad. She need mommy's milk." These are the little conversations we have all day.

Yesterday I had just about had it with BFing and Nick and I decided to just give her a bottle of formula to see how she handles it. I mixed it up and gave Nick the bottle to feed her. She downed about 3.5 ounces in less than 10 minutes. We were both like, "Wow, that was easy." We got her all dressed and in her carrier, ready to go for a walk around the block, when just as we are leaving the house, she pukes up ALL of the formula. She let out the most heart wrenching scream and was twisting and arching her back in discomfort. It was just awful and made me feel like the worst mom on earth. Nick and I both looked at each other and agreed that we would go back to plan B.

So I called the local LLL ladies and they were SUPER helpful. I talked to each one on the phone for over an hour. They answered all of my questions about BFing and how to correct Olivia's latch so that it is more comfortable for me. They also gave me the info of a lactation consultant in the area how is supposed to be awesome. I put in an emergency call to her and hopefully we will get an appt set up for this week.

So we are still BFing. It is getting better, and in fact, today I nursed and it was completely painless. Olivia loves to nurse, she is so content and happy and relaxed and passes right out every time. The times we have to give her a bottle she squirms and grunts and screams and it takes her at least 45 minutes to settle after she is finished. Just seeing how much she enjoys it is enough to make me want to whatever it takes to correct things so we can continue to BF.

That's the update for now. Oh, I also thought I should note that BOTH kids are currently asleep and have been for over an hour! I have prepared lunch, picked up the house, and am working on laundry. Today is a monumental day, I may actually be able to handle two kids...and enjoy myself :)

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