one month old

4:17 AM


Olivia is already a month old. I love her so much. What was life like before this sweet girl??

Olivia sleeps from 10pm to 2:30am and then 3am to 6:30am pretty consistently. We are still exclusively breastfeeding, which has finally become easy and enjoyable. It is such a special time that we share and I am so glad I stuck with it. Olivia likes to hang out in the swing, vibrating chair, or on the play mate and just watch us. She loves watching Luke play and is staying awake for about 30 minutes after each feed. She has started to coo and make sweet little sounds when we talk to her. She turns her head when she hears my voice and loves to snuggle. She snorts and grunts and even growls sometimes when she is feeding. She is very passionate about her food, she must be an Evans. She even snores a little when she sleeps. We tease that she gets it from her Paw Paw, the master. Olivia is starting to turn into quite a little chunk and is getting rolls on her thighs and arms and has a huge double chin. Her personality is still very laid back and easy going. She is a dream baby and we are enjoying every minute with her.

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