a letter to my cervix

6:48 AM

Dear Cervix,

You have been such a good cervix over the years. You just hang out, do your thing. I hardly notice you. You were a superstar during Luke's labor and started to dilate at just 38 weeks. And you didn't stop there, oh no. You went all out and dilated to 10 cm!

I know that was probably not much fun. And, I am so sorry that you did all of that work just for Luke to decide he wanted to take door number two. You just kind of got left hangin' there and I really felt bad for you. But, please do not hold it against me or Olivia now. She deserves to come out too.

So, if this letter finds you, please do what you were made to do and start DILATING for goodness sake!!

Juli (the lady you belong to)

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  1. This made me laugh hysterically! I really hope that you start dilating! But, if not, I'll be at the hospital around noon on Wed. of next week to see you!
    By the way, I want to see the new hairdo!!!

  2. I kept it long, just cleaned up the ends a bit and added some long layers. I did a partial highlight so it's probably not terribly noticeable to anyone else, but it is to me. I'll try to post a picture tonight once Nick gets home. :)

  3. Girl! You are funny. I hope you start dilating soon...I can't imagine the next letter...



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