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8:13 AM

So far so good. I opened the box today to double check that my chicco infant carrier will fit in this stroller. And, it did! Yay! I told Luke to hop in and I would take him for a ride around the house. He is obviously a little confused about his role because he hopped into the infant carrier and started asking for a "bay-bee baba". But, I'm not going to let that worry me too much about how he is going to adjust to baby sister. :)

So, back to the review. It required virtually zero energy on my part to get it put together which is a MAJOR plus these days. All I had to do was pop on the hoods, cup holder, and trays and we were ready to rock. It's super light and easy to manuever (around the house) and even fit through the front doorway without a problem. It is a little tricky to close up but once I figured it out and realized that it stands up on it's own, it racked up a few more points.

It also comes with this awesome cardboard box that, when tilted up against the couch, doubles as a house on which your two year old can climb on top off and bang with a hammer pretending to be a "worker man". Then, when that looses it's excitement you can push it back down on the floor and jump back and forth from the couch pretending that it's a boat and sharks are going to get you! And, finally, when that is no fun anymore, you can pull the huge plastic bag out of the box, tangle your feet up in it, and try walking up the box, falling, of course, everytime your clumsy little toddler legs make a move. This is sure to entertain both you and your toddler for hours. Or, perhaps we are just easily entertained...haha :)

On the serious side...the only negative I can see at this point is that one of the hoods is a little floppy and droops on the side. If it droops like this now, I wonder how it will look after Luke has pulled down on it 723 times! We shall see...

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  1. Wow you are waaay too on top of things today!

  2. you are waaay too on top of things today!



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