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4:59 AM

{39 wks, 3 days} We had the sono and Olivia was measuring 8.45 pounds. The sonographer mentioned that it tends to measure on the heavy side so she would guess she is more like 8 pounds. Dr. Milstein checked me and I still have not dilated any. He did say that she was at +3 station which is better than a 'nothing station', I guess. My blood pressure was still in the "excellent" range and everything showed that Olivia is perfect and healthy and apparently very happy inside my tummy. She was kicking and moving during the sono and has been very active today.

We checked the schedule to see if they had anything available for a c-section next Monday or Tuesday, which, of course, they did not. They did have an opening on Thursday at noon (instead of Wednesday at 7:30am) so we decided to take it. We talked about the VBAC and fact that Olivia is big and all agreed that Thursday would be the day unless I go into labor beforehand. I am happy with this date and feel like that is adequate time for her to come on her own.

After our appt, Nick and I went up to the nursery to look at the babies. I wanted to see what an 8 and a half pound baby looks like, I thought that might help with my decision. :) There were just three babies in the nursery but they all looked so tiny and adorable. I can't wait to meet Olivia and I realize it really doesn't matter how she gets here, just that she gets here, safe and healthy.

So, now I will spend the next two days cleaning the house and getting things ready for the hospital.

{And for my own notes...nothing to eat or drink after midnight on Wednesday, can have juice around 4-5am, need to be at the hospital no later than 9am}

Oh, and I forgot to mention, my sister, Laurin, is at the hospital right now having her sono where they may be able to tell the sex of the baby! I am so excited to find out!!

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  1. Melody GoldmeyerJune 23, 2008 at 6:47 AM

    My Luke was 8lbs 6 oz...it's not that bad. I'll send you a picture of him right after he was born. Getting excited to see a picture of Olivia...any day now! How exciting for you!

  2. Thanks, Melody! That gives me some hope if she decides she would like to come out the "right" way...haha!

  3. A Little Bit About Us...June 24, 2008 at 5:14 AM

    Yeah! That is great! The second c-section isn't as bad as the 1st one...you will know what to expect...you know? Carsy was 8 lbs 10 ounces. It is so much better when they are bigger...everyone says they sleep through the night faster though...LOL That was definitely not the case with Carson...lol....that little rascal was 10 months before he started sleeping through the night! I thought I was going to lose my mind...well, I am sure you guys did too with Luke...cause he was 9 months right? Hopefully Olivia will be 3 months...which everyone says is normal! LOL! None of mine were 3 months though...hopefully Olivia is though for you guys! Wouldn's that be great????



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