happy faw-ders day

4:24 AM

It's 1pm and I have lost hope that Olivia is coming today. I SO wanted that year supply of bottles :) They are awesome bottles, but so expensive. I'm talking $45 for a starter pack! I guess this means I need to bust out the breastfeeding book for a quick refresher. I am hoping to beat my record of 6 weeks exclusive BF with Luke. I'll have more motivation without the year supply of bottles, I guess. Perhaps Olivia is trying to tell me something...

So, it's "Faw-der's" Day as Luke calls it and we are enjoying a nice relaxing day at home. Nick got a homemade ice cream maker from Lukey and we have been working hard cooking the ice cream mixture and now it is chilling in the fridge until we are ready to start churning. We are making Vanilla Cherry Chocolate. YUM!

Back to the point of this post. Anyone who knows Nick, knows what an amazing dad he is. He is one of those guys that enjoys every aspect of fatherhood. Whether it's reading the bedtime story or brushing teeth or taking Luke on a bike ride every evening no matter how tired he is after work, kissing boo-boos or wrestling on the floor, teaching him his prayers or driving him out to see the tractors shoveling dirt, Nick is a devoted dad. He has an endless supply of love and patience. I feel blessed every day to have such an amazing husband, who truly is the rock of our family.

We love you! Happy Father's Day!

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