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10:19 AM

{38 wks, 3 days} Still pregnant. I woke up at 2am last night and couldn't fall back to sleep. I got this sudden idea in my head that I needed an emergency hair cut and highlight. It seemed, last night, that this was the answer to all of my problems. That all I had to do was call Toni & Guy, magically book an appointment for the day of, and I would feel refreshed, re-energized, and re-centered. And, not until this was accomplished, would I be able to face another week of not going into labor.

So, mission accomplished. My hair looks pretty nice (I must say so myself) and I do feel better. The problem is, I am still pregnant, still tired, still grumpy, and still pregnant. At least my hair looks good while I lay lifelessly on the couch. Speaking of...back to the couch.

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