forced sweetness

12:25 PM

Last night I was trying to get Luke to be sweet and give "baby sister" some kissies. As you can see from this first photo, he was less than excited about the idea. It's much more fun to use my tummy as a spring board to jump over the back of the couch.

Then he thought if he sat next to me and said "CHEESE" and smiled real big I would let him go. So this is what we got...

Then, wouldn't you know? Just as Nick puts the camera away, Luke leans over and kisses my tummy really fast. So I said "can you give 'baby sister' five kissies?" hoping that our slow point and shoot would be able to capture one. Well, he must have interpreted that to mean "give 'baby sister' high five" because he then smacked my tummy as hard as he could and yelled "FIVES!" He can be such a little stinker sometimes!

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