olivia kate

9:40 PM

Olivia Kate was born yesterday at 5:21pm via c-section. She weighs 7 lbs 14 oz and is 21 inches long. She looks alot like big brother, Luke, except her hair is alittle bit darker and her cheeks are bigger. She is absolutely perfect and we are SO in love with her.

Luke has kissed her on the forehead and yelled "hi, baby sister" a few times, but is more interested in running the hallways and trolling for candy than anything else. I don't think he will really understand what it means to have a baby sister until we are all home for a little while and he realizes that she is not going anywhere.

I will post the offical birth story later but just want to officially announce the big news while I have a minute.

I am still in the hospital, enjoying the peace and quiet and snuggling with my sweet little Olivia every opportunity I get.

Nick is just smitten and has been deamed "the Olivia hog" since we end up having to fight each other to hold her...haha. It is so much fun watching Nick be a dad. And, to see how sweet and tender he is with her versus the "dukey man" who was surely being tossed into the air by day three (just kidding, please don't call CPS...haha), I realize again and again how blessed my kids are to have Nick as their dad. Wow, this post turned sappy real fast.

Anyway, just a quick update on me. I feel SO much better than I did after Luke was born. I have already been up and walking around the hospital, all IVs and tubes have been removed, and I've been released to eat solid foods again. Breastfeeding is going well and Olivia seems to be pretty happy and easy to soothe.

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  1. Love you guys! You have a precious family! Your children are blessed to have Nick as their dad, but are just as blessed to have you as their mom!

  2. Welcome Olivia! Erin, Lori, and I think you are so cute - looking at you from California!

  3. **Correction**

    Your baby wasnt born yesterday. She was born on Thursday, June 26th. Haha. You werent kidding about feeling like you are in a time warp.

  4. Congrats, Juli, Nick, and Lukey! We are so happy to hear about your beautiful new addition to the family!!

    Love y'all,
    Laura & Ben

  5. Congratulations, she is precious.



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