oh, wait

5:53 AM

I just remembered that tomorrow is Friday the 13th. Is that supposed to be a lucky or unlucky day??

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  1. Jett was born Friday the 13th (July). It was 42 weeks to the DAY (so enough whining about 37 weeks) So I went into labor on the 13th but the doctor was going to give me pitosin because the contractions weren't doing much. I tried to convince him to wait until midnight to give it to me, but he wasn't having that.

  2. Girl! I can't believe you went to 42 weeks! I am feelin' for you now...haha...I'm pretty much at my breaking point and I'm 37 weeks, 5 days.

    My aunt was telling me yesterday that she went 23 days overdue...why must people keep telling me these crazy stories??? :)



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